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Whether you are charged with a speeding ticket, DWI, or serious felony, Mr. Bryant can help you negotiate the process by taking the time to discuss the facts of your case and your needs.
If you were seriously hurt because of someone else's mistake, Mr. Bryant may help you recover financially by charging a smaller fee than other attorneys to get you the compensation you deserve.
If you need help through a difficult matter, Mr. Bryant will help by providing sound legal assistance quickly and efficently for a low hourly fee.
Everyone wants the best lawyer available to help them in any situation. Unfortunately, the expense of a good lawyer is often unexpected and the financial strain it may create can make an already difficult situation even more stressful. I want to help by providing the experience and quality representation you need for a fee that is well below what most lawyers charge. I am able to do this by keeping my monthly expenses reasonably low. I have a modest yet comfortable office, and I do all of my own work on my cases. When you hire me, you talk to me and I work on your case; not an assistant. By keeping my expenses and caseload low, I am able to devote much more time to each of my clients and give them and their case the time and personal service they deserve.

While it is not realistic to have a set fee schedule that can be fairly applied to every type of case, some general guidelines can be considered:

If you want to keep a
speeding ticket off of your driving record, I can work on that for just $100. If you want me to help you through a DWI or a misdemeanor criminal charge, my fee is generally between $600 - $1,200. If you're facing a serious felony charge and fear the prospect of a wrongful conviction or prison, I will fight for you for a fee that can't be beat, sometimes for as little as $2,500. If you need help on a civil case, I will help for as little as $150 per hour or as little as a 25% contingent fee on personal injury cases.

Talk to me first, or bring me your best quote last. I will earn your business! Credit card and other financing options may be available for larger transactions. Please call me today to talk about your case and let’s see I can do to help. I want to be your lawyer!

Brenton Bryant

An experienced and successful attorney most everyone can afford to hire.

Managed caseload allows personal attention to you and your case for better results.

Talk to your lawyer about your case throughout your representation - not an assistant.